Brief introduction of OTDR


OTDR is connected to one end of any fiber optic system up to 250km in length. Within a few seconds, we are able to measure the overall loss, or the loss of any part of a system, the overall length of the fiber and the distance between any points of interest. OTDR is an amazing test instrument for fiber optic systems.

AFL Noyes FlexScan OTDR

Yokogawa ODTR is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation and maintenance applications. It is connected to one end of any fiber optic system up to 250km in length. Increased efficiency and a quick 10-second startup help to minimize operations time and increase battery life. Yokogawa offers the world’s only mini-OTDR with a built in dummy fiber option which is very effective at determining loss across the first connector and to determining return loss.


Yokogawa ODTR is light weight multi field tester with powerful and flexibility functions. Includes USB ports for data storage, remote control and a fiber inspection probe with optional built in OLTS function (fiber optic light source), PING test function, and visual fault locator.

The OTDR enables detection of closely spaced events in cables installed in offices and customer premises. High Dynamic Range up to 43 dB (45dB typical) the new High Dynamic range model can achieve the dynamic range of 40 dB. This high dynamic range is effective in measuring a transmission line consisting of long fiber cables and a splitter with a large loss. Quick Startup within 10 Seconds Now measurements can be started quickly upon arrival at the site. 10 seconds to power-up from completely OFF to fully ON. With such a fast power-up time, battery life can be extended by turning the power off while not in use at the job site without any concern about the power-up time when the next job is ready. It’s ready when you’re ready.

Many OTDR users invest hundreds of dollars for handheld dummy fibers (also called launch reels) that are easily damaged, lost or stolen thereby increasing operations costs. The Yokogawa OTDR price from Fiber-Mart is reasonable and fully depends on the quality of our products. Fiber-MART offers cost-effective standards-based Yokogawa OTDR. As a 3rd party OEM manufacturer, our Yokogawa OTDR is delivered to worldwide from our factory directly. All of our Yokogawa OTDRs are tested in-house prior to shipment to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition.

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