MPO/MTP Trunk Cable Advantages


A specific lengths pre-assembled MTP/MPO Trunk cable with 12 or 24 fibers is delivered to data center for easy installation, because an It is impossible to manually to assemble MPO/MTP plug connector with 12 or 24 fibers on site during installation.MPO-MPO-Patch-cord-10m
The advantages of MPO/MTP Trunk cable with the following advantages
• Higher Quality
Higher quality is usually achieved through factory assembly and inspection of individual parts. A factory-prepared inspection certificate is also useful for longterm documentation and in turn quality assurance purposes.
• Minimum Skew
A crucial factor in achieving a successful parallel optical connection is keeping the signal offset (skew) between the four or ten parallel fibers to an absolute minimum. Only in this way can information be successfully re-synchronized and re-combined at its destination. Factory-assembled trunk cables allow skew to be measured, minimized and logged.
• Shorter Installation Times
Pre-assembled MPO cable systems provide plug-and-play advantages and can be inserted and set up immediately.
This reduces installation time enormously
• Better Protection
Because they are completely assembled at the factory, cables and plug connectors remain completely protected from
environmental influences. Optical fibers that lie open in splice trays are at a minimum exposed to ambient air and may age faster as a result.
• Smaller Cable Volumes
Smaller diameters can be realized in MPO cabling systems that are produced from loose tube cables. The results are
correspondingly smaller cable volumes, better conditions for acclimatization in the data center and a lower fire load.
• Lower Overall Costs
When splice solutions are used, a few factors that are not always foreseeable boost total costs: time-intensive,
equipment-intensive splicing, needs for specialty works, bulk cables, pigtails, splice trays, splicing protection, holders. In contrast, pre-assembled trunk cables not only bring technical advantages, but usually result in lower total costs than splicing solutions.

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