Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machine

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

Cutting Machine:
Cutting Machine is used for cutting out parts of articles from layers of cloth card webs or knitted fabric. The technically possible depth of cutting of the layer depends on the design of the cutting machine and on the thickness and properties of the fabrics. Cutting machines may be movable or stationary. The machine is shifted manually relative to the layer along lines drawn on the top card web. The development of apparel sector has led to the invention of various fabric cutting machines. Industrial cutters and cutting machines have led to better efficiency and precision in our work. The invention of these gadgets has reduced considerable efforts in the cutting process of different types of fabrics. Although there are different types of cutting machines used to cut fabrics and the most common type of cutting machines are given below:
Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machine:
According to the operating process, the Cutting Machine can be classified into three types.
Such as- ManualSemi- Automatic
Automatic / Computerized
1) Manual Cutting Machine:
Hand Scissors.
2) Semi-Automatic Cutting Machine:
Straight knife of Cutting Machine.
Round Knife Cutting Machine.
Band Knife Cutting Machine.
Die Cutting Machine.
Notcher Machine.
Drill Machine.
3) Computerized Cutting Machine:
Knife Cutting Machine.
Laser Cutting Machine.
Water Jet Cutting Machine.
Airjet Cutting Machine.
Ultrasonic Cutting Machine.
Plasma Torch cutting Machine

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