Understanding The Difference Between Single-mode and Multimode Fiber

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

There are so many cable options available the one might wonder where to start. This article will set you on the right path in the decision process. Let’s begin by focusing on single mode and multimode fiber optic cables.
Multimode optical fiber cable has a larger diametrical core that permits multiple modes of light to pass through at a given time. This characteristic allows the number of light reflections created as the light passes through the core to increase, creating the ability for more data to pass through at any given time. The attenuation rate and high dispersion of this fiber reduce the signal quality over long distances. Multimode optical fiber is commonly used short distances, audio/video applications, and Local Area Networks (LANs). From core to cladding, the diameter ratio is 50 microns to 125 microns and 62.5 microns to 125 microns.
Single Mode
Single mode optical fiber cable a small diametrical core that allows one mode of light to pass through at a given time. Because of this, the light reflections created as light passes through the core decreases, reducing attenuation and enabling the ability for the light signal to travel further. Single mode optical fiber would be ideal for long distances that require more bandwidth such as telecommunications companies, cable television providers, and colleges and universities. From core to cladding, the diameter ratio is 9 microns to 125 microns.
Depending on your application will determine with fiber would necessary. We provided a quick optical fiber guide for you to use as a guide to learn more about the types of fiber and the comparison between each manufacturer.
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