2 Ports QSFP to QSFP 40G WDM Transponder OEO Converter w/full 3R Support Standalone

FM SKU#:SKU000001G2

QSFP to QSFP 40G WDM Transponder OEO Converter comes with two QSFP ports, are Standalone device that can support the “Three Rs” to Retime,Regenerate and Reshape the optical signal.

Transponders are fiber-to-fiber media converters that convert wavelengths for Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) applications.

Fiber-Mart transponders are protocol and rate-transparent fiber media converters that support SFP, SFP+ and XFP transceivers with data rates up to 11.32 Gpbs, and our transponders provide seamless integration of different fiber types by converting multi-mode fiber to single-mode fiber, and dual fiber to single-fiber.

Fiber-to-Fiber media converters extend network distance by converting wavelengths (1310 to 1550), amplifying optical power. Fiber-MART.Com transponders as re-generators are also an optical – electrical – optical (O-E-O) converter with electrical amplification of the signal by FEC to realize long distances fiber transmission.


    • Support 2U Rack(16 Slots) and independent use.
    • Support network management (Web SNMP, Console).
    • 3R function.
    • Support Jumbo Frame.
    • Transparent Transpor and very low delay.
    • Support DMI function for QSFP fiber module.
    • Support 1*40G Mode and 4*10G Mode.
    • Support Loopback test function.
    • Support hot plugging.
    • Full State Led display.
    • Easy installation.


OEO Converter Standalone

OEO Card for 2U Unified Platefrom Chassis

The 2ports OEO card is compatible with 2U Unified Platefrom Chassis. Each card ( SFP+ to SFP+, XFP to SFP+,XFP to XFP,SFP to SFP ) can coexist together in this 2U 17-slot Managed chassis.


Performance Data Technical Indexes
Equipment function 3R Repeater
Protocols Multiple functions in one module:
–40G converter/repeater
–Quad 10G optical multiplexer
40G link interface
–Ethernet/IEEE: 802.3ba 40GE-LR4 /SR4
10G interfaces:
–9.95 – 11.35 Gbps
Access Type 40G Ethernet/td>
Interface Type QSFP To/From QSFP
Transmission Distance Up to QSFP module ( Max 10Km )
Maximum Packet Forwarding Rate 14,880,950/S
Network management information: • Card type information
• QSFP fiber module DMI function ( Temperature , Voltage , Optical power)
• Link status detector
• Enable/Disabled Loopback test function
• Enable/Disable PRBS Generator and checker function
power requirement Rack-mountable: AC 85 ~ 220V OR DC -48V
Standalone: AC 220V OR DC -48V
Power consumption: ≤6W
Work Environment Operating Temp: 0~ 50 ℃
Storage Temp: -10~ 70 ℃
Humidity: 5%~90% ( non-condensing )
Dimension Card: 11.5mm ( W ) × 78mm ( D )
Standalone: 156mm ( W ) × 128mm ( D ) × 32mm (H )


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