8000 meters deep submarine actually there are optical cables? Is the person who spreads the cable is Iron Man?

If you compare the earth to a computer motherboard. From the phone poles with cables to the warning signs that lay the optical fibers, the world we live in is surrounded by countless lines. In fact, the Internet infrastructure that we can see with our naked eyes is only the tip of the iceberg, and there are countless cables laid in the depths of the dark ocean.You must be more interested in what you would like to eat than you would like to eat at dinner.

1.On the surface of the sea, the ship releases the cable.

图片12.Under the sea, cable ploughs fix the cable to the bottom of the sea. There is also a repeater every 40km to 60km.

图片23.Guaranteed signal.How many optical cables do you need to bring?


Did you see the turntable on the boat?  It can be said to be super long

图片4The process looks simple, Someone has to ask, is the pressure on the bottom of a few kilometers so large that the fiber is not easily damaged?

Responsibly tell you that submarine cables are more fragile than underground cables, and that different depths of maintenance are different:

1.The general cable fault location receives and sends a complete set of signals first, because the damage of the optical cable is usually the internal fiber breakage, the breakage location will reflect the signal, and the recovered reflection signal is compared with the shape and time of the signal calculated by the mathematical algorithm. Locate the specific location of the fiber breakage.

2.The cable repair ship went to the accident site to repair it. If the water depth is within two kilometers, an underwater robot is generally used to guide to the fault location through an artificial signal, and the damaged optical cable is cut off, and the remaining two ends are pulled back to the repair ship for repair.

3.If the water depth exceeds 2,000 meters, due to pressure problems, deep water grabs will be used, and the image is a hook. If it is a sandy seabed, the optical cable will be directly returned to the sea surface. If it is a rocky seabed, the grab must be along a certain length of the optical cable, so that the position of the optical cable can be adjusted more easily to prevent it from being pinched by rocks.图片5

4.If the water depth is too deep, a single grab cannot pull the entire cable directly back to the surface. At this point, the fiber optic cable needs to be cut off, and now a head A1 is brought back to be fixed with a buoy, and then the other head A2 is pulled with another grab.

5.Fiber optic cable repair is mainly the work of fiber-optic welding. A2 is welded to the newly added spare cable B. Then the repair boat is close to the buoy, and the A1 is rejoined to the remaining part of B. The repaired cable is longer than the original one. The new cable is U-shaped on the sea floor. After the welding is completed, wait until the communication test is successful before returning the cable.

Therefore, the cost of submarine cable is quite high. The cost of a transoceanic fiber cable is several hundred million US dollars. Coupled with the monopoly of real estate giants, the monopoly access prices of domestic operators, the terrible reasons for the high cost of broadband in Hong Kong have also been explained.

Waterproof Fiber Cables

Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor connection applications. The strong PU jacket and singlemode APC armored structure of cable provide 1Gigabit data transfer speeds in high bandwidth application.

With the development of modern communication industry, optical fiber has become an increasingly important communication line medium because of its advantages such as wide frequency band, low loss, long transmission distance and anti-electromagnetic interference. In metropolitan area networks and campus networks, the application of outdoor optical cables is becoming more and more common. For outdoor optical cables, in addition to bandwidth, loss, and other transmission performance, another very important technical indicator is the optical cable’s water blocking performance.

Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor connection applications. The strong PU jacket and singlemode APC armored structure of cable provide 1Gigabit data transfer speeds in high bandwidth application, up to 5 times faster than standard 9/125um fiber patch cable. What’s more, it’s IP67MPO cable connectors have an extremely rugged, protective rubber coating with integral anti-kink strain-relief boot and a rubber-coated, metal, latching cap, attached by a steel lanyard. When mated or capped, the connection is environmentally sealed up to IP65. They can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment, and ideal for use in a variety of applications, including Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) and Fiber to the Home(FTTH).


Like choosing any other fiber optic patch cables, the connector type, fiber count, fiber type (single-mode or multimode), polish type, cable length and cable jacket are factors that should be considered as well. When buying waterproof fiber optic patch cords, the IP (International Protection or Ingress Protection) rating is an important parameter. Knowing the IP code can help you find your wanted waterproof cable.


IP rating system is a classification showing the degrees of protection from solid objects and liquids. IP rating codes do not include hyphens or spaces, and consist of the letters IP followed by one or two figures. The first number refers to the degree of protection against the entry of foreign solid objects, such as dust. These protection levels range from 0 to 6. The second number of the IP code refers to the degrees of protection against moisture/liquids, which are raging from 0 to 8. The first and second number of the IP code can be replaced by the letter “6″or7”.Norally called IP67.

There are two types of IP67MPO weatherproof connector: IP67MPO plug (with locating pins) and IP67MPO Socket (without locating pins), the plug of one cable and the socket of the other cable can be connected to extend the cable length. See blow:

MPO Component Details

Features& Application

features & Application




When you used Waterproof fiber optic patch cables,you can use it as a reference in choosing a waterproof cable, but you should also consider other factors according to your specific applications. Fiber-mart have kinds of fiber optic patch cables for you choose. Continue reading “Waterproof Fiber Cables”

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